North Carolina Tourism Dashboard

The North Carolina Tourism Dashboard provides users quick, relevant and up-to-data metrics on the health of the tourism industry statewide and regionally. The following metrics and included at the state and regional level:

  • Location Data - Anonymized mobile location data providing insight into visitation throughout the state and region, including share of visitors and top origin markets. Visitors are recognized at points of interest including accommodations, state/national parks, retail locations, restaurants, bars, cultural attractions, and universities (source: Near)
  • Direct Credit Card Spend – Anonymized credit card data providing insight into visitor spending throughout the state and regions including share of visitor spend and top origin markets for spending (source: Affinity).
  • Lodging – Statewide and regional year-to-date and current month lodging metrics from STR (hotels/motels), AirDNA (rentals) and KeyData (managed rentals).
  • Tax Collections – Currently available occupancy tax collection data by county and/or municipality. Information on this page represents data directly shared with Visit NC from local DMO/TDA. If your destination’s data is not listed, please contact Visit NC’s research department to begin submission process. This data is crucial to the annual economic impact study.
  • Visitor Spending Model – Presents a graphical representation of annual statewide visitor spending data provided on
  • County Spend - Presents a graphical representation of annual county level visitor spending data provided on

Please use the following credentials to log into the dashboard.

  • Username:
  • Password: Tourism123