Our State Custom E-newsletter Series

The Our State Digital program has been expanded in '23-'24 to feature a custom series e-newsletter program. The custom e-newsletter series is available for up to seven partners at an investment of $2,000 per partner, or two partners at an investment of $7,000 per partner.

E-newsletter placements will be fashioned after Our State’s wildly popular “Christmas Cookie a Day” series. Our State Magazine is presenting three Special Countdown Series that are only available through the Visit NC Partner Program. These series allow up to seven partners a more cost-effective way to be a part of a two-week-long series.

An NC Food of the Day, NC Sight of the Day and NC Bucket List Experience of the Day are the recommended themes but can be adjusted.

For 14 consecutive days, Our State will serve up an email that ties into the countdown series. Each Series will focus on a passion point like “NC Food a Day.” The email will contain content on that food of the day and partners will sponsor two or more consecutive days in the series.

  • Each partner will receive a listing that includes one photo, copy and a link to the website of choice per day of their sponsorship

  • Detailed analytics report delivered including email opens, clicks and number of recipients

  • Visit NC Partner exclusive advertisers within each E-news

  • Deployed for a 14 consecutive day window in Spring and Fall