Digital Media

Digital advertising is designed to support and maximize continuous campaign optimization, including brand and co-op programs on a seasonal basis shaped around:

  • Increasing exposure and awareness of the overall Visit NC brand
  • Driving cost-efficient and qualified traffic to
  • Generating downstream traffic from to North Carolina partner sites
  • Continuing to monitor secondary actions

Considerations for 2017-18 and beyond focus on capitalizing on trends and new technologies in digital media within the Visit North Carolina strategic framework, including:

  • Targeting and reporting capabilities
  • Sponsored content
  • Mobile ads
  • Balance of awareness drivers with audience engagement tools

The seasonal planning cycle allows for continuous vendor measurement and accountability as well as testing of new vendors and publishers. An RFI is distributed in fall to build a library of publisher and network information for the upcoming fiscal year’s seasonal planning.

To submit a media kit and contact information for the RFI, contact

Digital media campaign effectiveness is measured through various methods, including:

  • Advertising awareness and ROI as measured in Longwoods International studies
  • Arrivalist data measuring arrivals per thousand views of website content
  • Partner investment in digital co-op programs
  • Impression delivery
  • Click-through rates
  • Cost-per-activity based on downstream traffic