Visit North Carolina works to bring potential retirees to the state by promoting the and North Carolina Certified Retirement Communities program. The program emphasizes North Carolina’s assets that make it a top retirement destination. Visit North Carolina maintains the N.C. Certified Retirement Communities Program and helps those communities reach out to potential retirees and assist them in visiting the state to learn more about retirement opportunities.


  1. Increase awareness of North Carolina as an inspiring, desirable retirement destination.
  2. Drive and grow domestic, out-of-state potential retiree interest in North Carolina destinations for more frequent, higher spending, longer trips during the retirement planning process.
  3. Enhance engagement with travelers through digital and social channels.

Target Audience

Residents of the Northeast and Midwest who are nearing retirement age.

Potential retirees, just as other visitors, are looking for fulfilling destinations that provide distinctive and lasting experiences that stay with them. They want great weather, but also great healthcare, trails, volunteer opportunities, amenities and an overall high quality of life.


  • 77 million Baby Boomers in U.S.
  • 7,000 per day turn 65 and that will grow to 10,000 per day for next 19 years
  • More than 50 million visitors to the Carolinas annually, many of whom are in this age bracket