Visit North Carolina offers an array of publications to keep industry leaders and partners informed of the most recent tourism news, upcoming events and more.


Provides information to nearly 5,000 tourism industry leaders, media and government representatives across the state. It is emailed weekly and distributes valuable information on tourism-related research, state programs, state, national and international trends, media leads, updates on conferences and events, and more. Sign up to receive this publication here.

Partner/Industry Relations

Provides information to industry leaders, policymakers and media about the economic benefits of tourism in North Carolina.

Retire in North Carolina

Provides information to certified retirement community leaders and partners around news, events and relevant updates affecting retirement communities in North Carolina.

Marketing and Public Relations

Provides general updates from Visit North Carolina to industry leaders and partners on a variety of topics (excluding the topics covered in other publications), such as one-off co-op program opportunities, marketing program updates, public relations and other timely content.