Domestic Travel

Visit North Carolina’s domestic travel marketing program focuses on bringing travelers from out of state into North Carolina to experience the scenic beauty and endless activities offered at our destinations and by our partners. North Carolina is in the top ten most visited states in the U.S., with domestic travelers spending $22.9 billion in 2016, a 4.3 percent increase over 2015. In addition, domestic tourism expenditures directly supported more than 218,000 jobs in North Carolina in 2016, setting yet another record for the state and making the domestic travel program a key economic driver.

Messaging for domestic travel focuses on the inspiration travelers find here – experiences and connections that stay with them long after their stay and draw them back for more. Visit North Carolina invests in a variety of media opportunities to help promote travel and tourism across the state, including cooperative advertising programs that provide industry partners with opportunities to maximize exposure for their own destination, property or attraction.


  1. Increase awareness of North Carolina as an inspiring, desirable visitor destination.
  2. Drive and grow domestic, out of state traveler interest in North Carolina destinations for more frequent, higher spending, longer trips.
  3. Enhance engagement with travelers through digital and social channels.

Brand Platform

Promise:  Inspiring More
Positioning:  With vast, pristine beaches, relaxing mountains, vibrant cities, amazing culture and hundreds of fun-filled excursions, North Carolina is the state that inspires its visitors to see, experience, engage and connect more.
Personality:  Adventurous. Inviting. Moving.

Target Audience


  • Women 35 to 54 as primary travel researchers and decision makers
  • Household income $100K and up
  • Geographic focus out-of-state and east of Mississippi River with key travel driver states of SC, GA, TN, VA, FL, MD, DC, NY, PA, NJ, OH

Travelers are looking for fulfilling destinations that provide distinctive and lasting experiences that stay with them long after they leave.