Domestic Travel

Visit North Carolina’s domestic travel marketing program focuses on bringing travelers from out of state into North Carolina to experience the scenic beauty and endless activities offered at our destinations and by our partners. North Carolina is in the top ten most visited states in the U.S., with domestic travelers spending $32.4 billion in 2022, a 13.4% increase over 2021. In addition, domestic tourism expenditures directly supported 216,900 jobs in North Carolina in 2022, setting yet another record for the state and making the domestic travel program a key economic driver.

Messaging for domestic travel focuses on the deeply authentic experiences travelers find here – Visit North Carolina invests in a variety of media, owned and earned opportunities to help promote travel and tourism across the state, including cooperative advertising programs that provide industry partners with opportunities to maximize exposure for their own destination, property or attraction.


  1. Inspire domestic, out-of-state traveler interest in North Carolina destinations for more frequent, higher spending, longer trips.
  2. Grow and nurture first-party data relationships to deepen engagement and consideration of North Carolina.
Key benefit:  Welcome to the deeply authentic experiences of North Carolina.

Reasons to believe:

  • With NC you get the local feel, not the tourist appeal.
  • With endless unique experiences, the pressure of checking off all the "must-see" attractions does not overpower the actual destination.
  • Visit with minimal plans because you can. Have the freedom to truly explore.
  • Slow down. Have time to soak in the unparalleled beauty of it all.
  • Know the people genuinely want you here.
  • Escape the façades. Experience what’s real.

Audience Insights:

  • Seek personal fulfillment and growth
  • Desire to unplug and relax
  • Prioritize authenticity

Brand Strengths:

  • Seen as relaxing, welcoming and authentic
  • Accessible to beautiful experiences
Tone/voice:  Welcoming. Confident. Cheeky yet friendly.

Communication Strategy

1) Get them to visit. 2) Get them to stay longer & spend more. 3) Get them to return sooner.

By nurturing relationships, we cultivate and deepen loyalty and trust with every type of traveler, ensuring we stay top-of-mind at each step of the travel planning process.

Get them to visit:

  • Tactics in this piece of the communication strategy are inspirational in nature, intend to reach new audiences and communicate the emotional benefit of visiting North Carolina.

Get them to stay longer & spend more:

  • Tactics in this piece of the communication strategy focus on features and the functional knowledge a traveler desires for trip planning. We intend to deepen engagement and relevancy with our audiences at this phase.

Get them to return sooner::

  • Tactics in this piece of the communication strategy are centered on loyalty and ways we can encourage repeat visitation in shorter intervals. These messages begin to become personalized to visitor preferences, and convey the diverse regions of North Carolina in all four seasons.