Domestic Travel

Visit North Carolina’s domestic travel marketing program focuses on bringing travelers from out of state into North Carolina to experience the scenic beauty and endless activities offered at our destinations and by our partners. North Carolina is in the top ten most visited states in the U.S., with domestic travelers spending $25.3 billion in 2018, a 5.6 percent increase over 2017. In addition, domestic tourism expenditures directly supported more than 230,000 jobs in North Carolina in 2018, setting yet another record for the state and making the domestic travel program a key economic driver.

Messaging for domestic travel focuses on the richer experiences travelers find here – experiences and connections that stay with them long after their stay and draw them back for more. Visit North Carolina invests in a variety of media opportunities to help promote travel and tourism across the state, including cooperative advertising programs that provide industry partners with opportunities to maximize exposure for their own destination, property or attraction.


  1. Increase awareness of North Carolina as an inspiring, desirable visitor destination.
  2. Drive and grow domestic, out-of-state traveler interest in North Carolina destinations for more frequent, higher spending, longer trips.
  3. Enhance engagement with travelers through digital and social channels.

Brand Platform

Promise:  Richer Experiences
Positioning:  The inviting authenticity that pervades North Carolina creates RICHER EXPERIENCES where you feel each moment and emotion to the fullest to truly be more in touch with yourself.
Personality:  Confident. Vibrant. In the moment.

Target Audience

Long Plan Travel Profile:

Travelers who have never been to NC, but do have some affinity toward the state. They’re open to travel here, but their perceptions of certain activities (like adventure, dining, nightlife and events) are lower relative to other states. They are most likely to associate the state with “Southern charm,” but are least likely to say it is “inviting,” “adventurous” or “unique.” They tend to be more experience-driven in their travel and have limited vacation opportunities, so want to make the most of every trip they take. This traveler type is picking their destination well in advance of their trip – usually four months or more from the time they travel. The trips they’re considering tend to be longer and more expensive, so they need to be confident that the destination they’re selecting will be worth that time and financial investment.

Short Plan Travel Profile:

Travelers who are always looking for or open to the next destination for a weekend getaway. This traveler type is picking the destination for an upcoming trip an average of 1.5 to two months before they travel. The trips they’re considering tend to be shorter (like long weekends) and more spontaneous in nature (i.e., not having known they were going to take this trip for a long time). They are traveling from closer to NC – primarily from contiguous states of VA, TN, GA and SC. They’re more likely to have strong baseline awareness of NC, perhaps having been here before, but are still looking for new experiences when they travel.

Travelers want to get the most out of the trips that they take by visiting places where they can feel and experience things more deeply and truly be more in touch with themselves.