Broadcast media plays a pivotal role in bolstering awareness, fostering affinity, and encouraging travel to North Carolina by spotlighting its diverse destinations, attractions, and activities and their emotional benefits.

Visit North Carolina's For Real, Visit NC campaign adeptly harnesses the power of storytelling, spotlighting genuine narratives of travelers experiencing the state's charms. Commercials aired across broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms intricately weave tales of deeply authentic experiences across North Carolina's Coastal, Piedmont, and Mountain regions.

This approach embraces the evolving nature of broadcast media, encompassing traditional channels alongside the burgeoning realm of Connected TV, where viewers consume content through internet-connected devices. Leveraging these platforms broadens the campaign's reach and engagement with audiences in an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

In addition deploying in strategically selected, high-priority markets, Visit North Carolina adapts its media planning to capitalize on emerging opportunities within the broadcast spectrum.

Those interested in partnering with the campaign can reach out via email to, providing relevant information and media kits.

In addition to traditional metrics like advertising awareness, recall and ROI, Visit North Carolina employs a commitment to data-driven decision-making in an ever-evolving media ecosystem. This includes updated measurement considerations to encompass the multi-platform nature of contemporary broadcasting, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the campaign's performance and impact on potential visitors.