Curated Display/Pre-Roll Cross-Device Program

The Campground & Park Wi-Fi Sponsorship program is available at an investment level of $2,000 per partner. Outdoor NC Alliance partners can receive a special discounted rate of $1,500.

The Display / Pre-Roll Cross-Device program is available to partners at a minimum investment level of $5,000. Outdoor NC Alliance partners can receive a special discounted rate of $4,500.

This new program replaces the special interest program with a larger emphasis on curated premium website inventory and predictive algorithms.

Display is a scalable format that allows our partners to efficiently optimize for driving site traffic, sign-ups, form fills, and promotes awareness via thousands of carefully curated premium websites.

Native ads are an effective way to capture user attention and build relevance by immersing Visit NC within a publisher’s site to provide users with a seamless ad experience.

The Pre-Roll tactic captures user attention via sight and sound, encouraging users to lean in and engage with the message, strengthening recall intent.

Profiles exposed to multiple tactics like display and video in one day yielded a lift in conversion of 56.94%. In addition, advertisers can see an increase of up to 2x the operational efficiency when consolidating native ads with other channels and the engagement lift on personalized omnichannel ads is 4.3 times higher than the industry benchmark.

  • Media curated, executed and managed by Visit NC’s agency media team at Luquire

  • Complete and detailed reporting of key performance indicators

  • Avoid multiple vendor buys and associated campaign minimums; cost savings of 10%-12% compared to standard rates