Campground & Park Wi-Fi Sponsorship

The Campground & Park Wi-Fi Sponsorship program is available at an investment level of $2,000 per partner. Outdoor NC Alliance partners can receive a special discounted rate of $1,500.

This is a unique offering that positions partners at the hands of a highly desired outdoor audience – captive campground and park visitors in the moment. Reach current trip-takers who are enjoying the outdoors now and seed your destination as inspiration for their next trip.

As visitors connect to Wi-Fi networks at select campground and park locations, participating partners have the opportunity to promote sponsored messaging as part of a value-exchange experience – visitors get free Wi-Fi by watching a short video ad. Each partner receives their own spotlight via the 100% SOV (share-of-voice) ad experience – no competing advertisers or ad clutter. The video offering is cost-efficient and performance-based, where you only pay for completed views (sessions). Following video completion, visitors are presented with additional content resources like park information – here, partners have an extra ability to seed a short CTA (call-to-action) ad that links to the respective partner site and generates supplemental traffic.

  • Intersect leisure travelers while they’re on site at campground and park locations

  • 100% SOV video ad experience with supplemental opportunity to drive traffic to partner site

  • Guaranteed price model based on completed video session

  • (CPS; cost per session)

  • Complete and detailed reporting of key performance indicators

  • Avoid $40K-campaign minimum; cost savings of 13% compared to standard rates