Instagram Story Feature

Partners will have the ability to provide content for our social media team to develop an Instagram Story that will be featured from Visit NC’s account. Once the content is received, our team will develop the assets into a story, adding text, captions and other fun features to make it social media-friendly. Stories will go live on an agreed-upon date between Visit NC and the partner and will last for 24 hours.

Partner Benefits: In 2021-22, Visit NC’s Instagram Stories yielded more than 2,000,000 impressions and over 135,000 engagements across brand and partner program content.

Price: Price: Tier 1 (20% discount) $560 each | Tier 2 (10% discount) $630 each | Tier 3 $700 each

Inventory: Twenty-four (24) partner spots (two (2) per month)