Marketing Consulting Services

Content Strategy Webinar Series

Each quarter a webinar will be held to inform partners about marketing trends and topics, offer content-related training/tips, and discuss strategic opportunities and implications for marketing on key owned channels.

Partner Benefits: Partners will take away one-sheeters with proprietary materials from each session.

Price: $15 per session $50 bundled for all four (4) $20,000 value annually Free add-on as part of the bundle packages programs

Inventory: Four (4) sessions per year with unlimited partner spots

Social Media Audit

Partners will have the opportunity to have their social media platforms reviewed and audited. Partners will receive suggestions about imagery, content, community management and more. This program will allow partners to learn best social practices, understand relevant measurements, and uncover new opportunities for their channels.

Partner Benefits: Partners will be able to utilize recommendations provided for their own channels, apply engagement and performance tactics, and learn how to improve their social channels moving forward.

Price: Tier 1 (20% discount) $1,200 Tier 2 (10% discount) $1,350 Tier 3 $1,500 per partner $12,000 value per partner

Inventory: Five (5) partners per year, with two (2) reserved for T1 partners (T1 may choose from either a 1-2 channel or 3-5 channel audit)