Zartico Visitor Insights

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The annual cost of this program is based on the NC Department of Commerce County Distress Rankings:  Tier 1 – $5,000 | Tier 2 – $5,500 | Tier 3 – $6,000

Visit NC has partnered with Zartico Insights to combine all of North Carolina’s visitor and resident data into one Destination Operating System. We now have insights into North Carolina’s visitor economy that we’ve never seen before. These learnings are giving us the intelligence we need to better connect with our visitors and fellow North Carolina residents. Our mutual goal is to improve the experience of visiting and living in our beautiful State.

Each region** and most counties* throughout NC will be able  to take advantage of the system and insights on a monthly basis.  The following visitor reports will be sent to partners monthly  to help their teams better understand opportunities and craft  a narrative over the best possible North Carolina experience.

Zartico Visitor Insights will be provided as follows:

1. Key Visitor Insights Compared to State Averages

2. County* & Regional** Visitation by Origin Market

3. Visitor Spending by Category

Using device counts for your county*/region** and the state by month, you’ll be able to see how your destination compares to  the state in terms of visitor to resident ratio, average visitor spend and percent of out-of-state visitation.

This data will help you answer questions like:

  • What months are slowest for visitors entering the  county*/region** compared to the state?

  • What do my visitation and spending trends look like compared to the state?

The visitation and spending by your top origin markets reported monthly and compared to the same month last year.

This data will help you answer questions like:

  • Is my top market for visitation also the top market for  visitor spending?

  • What market that we don’t advertise in is visiting my destination?

  • What is the proportion of in-state versus out-of-state visitors to my destination?

  • How does visitation to my destination change by market by month?

  • What types of locations do visitors to my destination visit  and how does that compare to residents’ activities?

The segmentation of spending by visitors to the county*/region**.

This data will help you answer questions like:

  • What segments do visitors spend the most in within my  destination and how is that spending allocated by trip?

  • How is in-state spending different from out-of-state  visitor spending?

  • How is visitor spending generated by season?

* Not all counties in North Carolina have the minimum visitation levels  at the monthly level to provide valid data. In the case that your county  does not, it is possible to aggregate two or more counties to provide data. Fewer than 10 counties are affected. ** Regional reports will be offered at the Visit NC Marketing Region

If you have questions or would like to participate in the Zartico Visitor Insights program, please reach out to Marlise Taylor,, 919.447.7748.