Key Data: Vacation Rental Data

Key Data’s Dashboard is available to partners through Visit NC’s co-op program at annual rates starting at $8,500 depending on the size of your DMO’s annual budget. Key Data is offering a 25% discount on the annual subscription fee for Visit NC partners.

Visit NC is partnering with Key Data, the industry leader for vacation rental data in your market and surrounding markets. They’ve created the industry’s first direct-source access to vacation rental data in an interactive, real-time DMO dashboard. Through direct integrations with vacation rental companies’ reservation systems, Key Data provides DMO partners with a robust online platform that makes visualizing your destination’s data easier.

Key Data can help you answer questions like:

  • How is 2023 pacing in overall bookings?

  • Are we on track to exceed last summer’s occupancy and ADR?

  • Which of my towns are performing the best, and which need some attention?

  • Where are our fastest growing feeder markets for peak season?

  • How are we looking compared to competitive destinations?

Key Data’s DMO Dashboard answers these questions with up-to-date, real data that presents your destination’s metrics visually with easy-to-grasp dashboard views of more than 30 KPIs, including ADR, Nights Sold and Nights Available.

Key Data also provides a real-time view of your market’s Airbnb & Vrbo listings giving DMOs a total view on number of properties, occupancy and bedroom count by market. Key Data also provides a DMO marketing platform for tracking visitation patterns by mapping visitors to your destination back to their home addresses. This allows DMOs to advertise to the most frequent and highest paying visitors.

If you have questions or would like to participate in the Key Data program, please reach out to Chris Christmas,