SportsNC is North Carolina’s statewide sports development effort dedicated to maintaining and strengthening our rich sports legacy. Visit NC’s SportsNC team supports your efforts to attract sporting events of all kinds to your destination with tradeshows and a quarterly e-newsletter campaign. These co-op programs are contracted and billed separately from other Visit North Carolina partner programs.

Sports Travel E-Newsletter Quarterly

This quarterly e-newsletter is aimed at the sports market, and the audience is comprised of sports rights holders and interested parties. Submit newsworthy content, such as new and / or upgraded facility information and recentlyawarded events.

SportsNC Social

Partners have the opportunity to submit sports-related content for promotion on dedicated SportsNC social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These platforms are used to strengthen the SportsNC campaign position. Highlighting events, facilities and facility updates, destination news and more information about sports in North Carolina. These opportunities give partners an additional avenue to market your destination and facilities to sports rights holders.


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