*NEW* Arrivalist Daily Travel Index - CLOSED

The Arrivalist Daily Travel Index program will provide access to from October 2020 through December 2020 and is available to partners for $9,000 which is 177% off the standard package price of $25,000.

To provide North Carolina’s tourism industry partners with the day-by-day updates on shifting consumer travel patterns before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, equipping them to adapt their destination marketing and destination management initiatives. Arrivalist will analyze daily visitors to their destinations in order to fully understand:

  • From which state/DMA and at what rate visitors are arriving daily from before, during and after the pandemic
  • Daily updates on visitation trends to their destination
  • What historic “normal” looked like in 2019
  • How current activity compares to historical visitation trends
  • The rate of movement into destinations as compared to general movement within the United States


Exclusive to only Visit North Carolina partners, Arrivalist is making its full Daily Travel Index platform available to assist in evaluating the effects of COVID-19. Partners will have access to a custom-built, destination-specific interface that provides year-over-year daily drive market movement data with DMA-level granularity. Partners can log in on Monday morning and view visitation activity from autos for the previous weekend by origin markets and, with just a click, compare that activity to the same period last year. There is no other analytics platform with this level of recency and granularity.

Arrivalist will index results against 2019 so that partners can see at a glance if activity is trending positively against the same days or weeks from the previous year. This provides a real-time understanding of a return to “normal” visitation.

This daily data is illustrated in charts as year over year, by mileage bands, compared to the United States averages, by state and by DMA. All data points are plain and intuitive.


Arrivalist’s Daily Travel Index measures non-commercial, non-commuting road trips of 50 miles or more in all 50 U.S. states where the trip spends at least 2 hours within the destination. The data is drawn daily from a panel of GPS signals representing road trips taken by car. The insights have been prepared to help travel marketers and other industry professionals gauge fluctuations in drive market trips in any of the 50 U.S. states. Data is balanced by automobile ownership on a zip-code level.

Features include:

  • Year-over-year comparisons

  • State and DMA-level origin markets by timeframe
    • Where are visitors arriving from? Are they coming from areas where COVID-19 is on the rise or decrease?
    • What were my top markets in the same time period in 2019?
    • Are visitors coming from nearby (50-100 miles) or far away (250+ miles)?
  • Ability to compare visitation by market by timeframe
    • What was visitation from Virginia like this Wednesday as compared to the week prior? As compared to my 2019 indexed average of “normal?”


  • Updated daily, with only a two-day lag at the maximum
  • Index calculations to measure daily movement against national trends
  • Measures drive trips exclusively
  • Specific to road trips to North Carolina and its regions
  • Includes local and non-local North Carolina activity
  • Monitor and compare by origin market, time period, distance traveled and against national averages
  • Balanced across U.S. car-owner population
  • Easy, always-on reporting access
  • Tutorial and guides with Arrivalist staff assistance
  • Year-over-yearlook-back