The opportunity listed below has been designated as a cooperative effort between Visit North Carolina and its industry partners.

VisaVue® Travel

Date: Ongoing
Partners: CVBs with need for data on international visitors to their destinations.
Goal: To gather broader and more statistically accurate data regarding international visitors’ travel activity in North Carolina.

Marlise Taylor
Research Analyst
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Arrivalist Analytics

This exclusive Visit North Carolina program allows partners to measure tourism visitation activity from mobile devices and automobiles within Arrivalist’s always-on platform for an investment of $11,000. This is more than 218% savings on standard rates. One-year partnerships with Arrivalist are available only for the fiscal year of July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.

Visit North Carolina is excited to bring the proprietary measurement and analytics technology of Arrivalist back to our partners for the sixth year in a row with a refreshed offering – Arrivalist 3.0 Visitation Analytics. Arrivalist tracks and measures a sample of actual arrivals to your destination to provide insights including which origin markets visitors arrive from and to which festivals, hotels and attractions they visit while there. Within that data, Arrivalist can provide seasonal trends, day of arrival, visitation volume, repeat visitation, inter-destination movement, origin markets, length of stay and much more.

This new program measures mobile devices as well as auto movement instead of media attribution, so partners can now harness the powers of Arrivalist without the need to have an active media plan underway to participate.

Partners will receive access to their own Arrivalist dashboard which includes “always on” insights that are updated routinely throughout the duration of the one-year program. Arrivalist will assist with collecting and summarizing data into actionable insights. Additionally, data will include Arrivalist’s daily auto movement data to provide understanding of drive markets in near-real time.

Arrivalist 3.0 is the latest generation of the best-of-class location platform. Arrivalist uses mobile phone location data and automobile movement to help you answer key questions, including:

  • From where do your customers (and your competitors’ customers) visit? By State/DMA/City/Zip Code
  • Which locations do they visit during their trip? Is your market their primary destination or are you leaking opportunity to other destinations?
  • How long do visitors stay? What percentage stay overnight?
  • What influences more repeated visitation over time?
  • How does visitation to Points of Interest overlap? What do these patterns look like?
  • Daily automotive data will provide origin points by percent

How does Arrivalist 3.0 work?

  1. Arrivalist records GPS signals from 120MM devices that engage one or more mobile apps from a database of 2,000.
  2. GPS signal provides location accuracy to within 30 feet of a device’s physical location measuring device movement across any number of target locations.
  3. Arrivalist technology parses location signals to identify “trips” (non-resident and/or non-commuting travelers).

How does Auto Data work?

  1. Arrivalist receives remarkably consistent ping data from non-commercial automobiles sourced by several OEM auto manufacturers
  2. Ping data is provided daily for the previous day
  3. Movement reported upon are autos that travel from home at least 50 miles and spend at least 2 hours beyond that 50 mile point per day

Michelle Murdoch
(704) 552-6565

Hailey Weddington
(704) 552-6565

Key Data / Vacation Rental Data

Key Data’s Dashboard is available to partners through Visit NC’s co-op program at an annual rate ranging from $8,500 – $55,500 depending on the size of your DMO’s annual budget. During the inaugural year for this new offering, Key Data is offering a 25% discount on the annual subscription fee for Visit NC partners.

Visit NC is partnering with Key Data, one of the industry’s rapidly emerging leaders for vacation rental data in your market and surrounding markets. They’ve created the industry’s first direct-source access to vacation rental data in an interactive, real-time DMO dashboard. Through direct integrations with vacation rental companies’ reservation systems, Key Data provides DMO partners with a robust online platform that makes visualizing your destination’s data easier.

How does their DMO Dashboard accomplish this? They’ve partnered with the vacation rental companies in your market to electronically collect all of their reservation data in real time. Since their dashboard is integrated directly with their software platforms, it delivers their DMO partners with reservation data seamlessly and instantly. Coming straight from the source, you know the data is accurate.

The Key Data DMO Dashboard will help you answer questions like:

How is 2019 pacing for spring in early bookings?
Are we on track to exceed last summer’s overall occupancy and ADR?
Which of my towns are performing the best, and which need some attention? Where are our fastest growing feeder markets for peak season?
How are we looking compared to adjacent destinations?

Key Data’s DMO Dashboard answers these questions with up-to-date, real data that presents your destination’s metrics visually with easy-to-grasp dashboard views of more than 30 KPIs, including ADR, Nights Sold and Nights Available.

If you have questions or would like to participate in the Key Data program, please reach out to Jason Sprenkle,