Instagram UGC Promotion

Instagram UGC promotions are available for $1,000 each.

Inventory: Twenty-four (24) partner spots (two (2) per month)

The Instagram UGC (User-Generated Content) Promotion gives partners increased visibility on Visit NC’s Instagram account. Visit NC’s social media team will utilize user-generated content featuring a partner’s destination to create one (1) organic feed post during the month that their program runs. Visit NC has a highly engaged Instagram audience that’s currently at 171,000 followers. This program provides partners with permanent real estate on Visit NC’s feed.

Participating partners will be asked to submit four locations within their destination for consideration for the post (ex: Pisgah National Forest, Atlantic Beach, Lake Norman, etc.). Visit NC’s social team will then search for UGC among those locations and select the final image to be featured on Instagram. All selected images will align with Visit NC’s Instagram strategy and tone so they fit cohesively on the feed. The program also includes community management by the Visit NC team on the posts, including responding to any destination-specific questions and comments on behalf of the partner.

Program Requirements: partners can purchase one (1) Instagram UGC Promotion per year max. Partners may only sign up for one social program per month. A minimum 45-day lead time is required in order to guarantee placement on Visit NC’s social calendar during the month partners sign up for. Partners who do not meet this deadline are subject to delayed promotion based on content and calendar openings.

Material Requirements: partners will be required to submit four locations within their destination for consideration for the post as well as details on what makes those destinations special and unique to North Carolina. Partners will be required to provide one (1) photo per location to be used in the event UGC is not available (1080 x 1080 or 1080 x 1350). Partners who sign up for this social program must submit materials that meet the goal of inspiring travel and sparking travel consideration to North Carolina.