Featured Content Sponsorships

Featured Content Sponsorships are available in 12-month increments for $1,000 each.

Visit NC is offering partners the opportunity to sponsor a portion of content specific to their destination within a seasonal or thematic story on VisitNC.com. Sponsoring partners will be able to provide suggested content for their portion of the article, and the Visit NC content team will develop the final paragraph about the sponsoring partner destination into the larger story. The sponsored section will have a “Sponsored By” tag and will include click-through URLs to applicable partner sites as well as a relevant image, which will be provided by the partner.

The partner’s featured content will then be promoted on Visit NC’s Instagram account in a two-slide Instagram Story during the season in which the story is published. This promotion will include a swipe-up link to the featured content story for increased exposure.

The following content is available for sponsorship (one (1) partner opportunity is available in each):

Fall 2022

Winter 2022-2023

Spring 2023

Summer 2023

Lesser-Known Autumn Adventures

Great Coffeeshops

Unique Romantic Experiences

Luxurious Hotel Tubs

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Romantic Wedding Venues

Beautiful Places to Visit in NC


Program Requirements: partners can purchase one (1) Featured Content Sponsorship per year max. A minimum 45-day lead time is required in order to guarantee placement on Visit NC’s social calendar during the season partners sign up for. Partners who do not meet this deadline are subject to delayed promotion based on content and calendar openings.

Material Requirements: partners will be required to submit an outline/bullets of content topics to include in the article as well as hi-res image options to accompany the feature. Partners will also be required to submit two high-quality vertical images or videos sized for social media that match the content in the web story: 9:16 (1080 width x 1920 height), any videos submitted must not exceed 15 seconds.