Custom Content Program

The Custom Content Program is available for $3,000 per partner.

Inventory: Twelve (12) partner spots (one (1) per month)

Visit NC is offering partners the opportunity to work with our content team to develop custom content to be published on, which can also live on the partner’s website. Custom content will be written by the Visit NC team based on input and collaboration with the partner on desired content and key messages to cover. Partners will maintain joint ownership of the content with Visit NC. Visit NC’s Social Team will determine optimal social placements for your custom content piece and promote it with three (3) social media posts. Social media platforms may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories or Pinterest. The article will be included within the monthly Inside NC E-newsletter.

Partners who have more than three (3) Custom Content stories on the site will be required to sign up for a Custom Content Refresh.

Program Requirements: partners can purchase one (1) Custom Content Program per year max. A minimum 45-day lead time is required in order to guarantee placement on Visit NC’s social calendar during the month partners sign up for. Partners who do not meet this deadline are subject to delayed promotion based on content and calendar openings.

Material Requirements: partners will be required to provide an outline/bullets of content topics to include in the article as well as hi-res images to accompany the story. If a partner has run this program in the past, the content must have a different angle than existing Custom Content on the site. For the social promotion portion of this program, partners will be required to provide three (3) images in the following specs: 4:5 (1080 width x 1350 height), 1:1 (1080 width x 1080 height), and 9:16 (1080 width x 1920 height).