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Three exclusive Arrivalist / Visit North Carolina programs allow partners to measure tourism visitation activity from mobile devices and / or automobiles, and to measure hotel revenue from origin markets within Arrivalist's always-on platform for a range of investment levels. Fees for location attribution are discounted by more than 200% on standard rates. One-year partnerships with Arrivalist are available for the fiscal year of July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

Visit North Carolina is excited to bring the proprietary measurement and analytics technology of Arrivalist back to our partners for the seventh year in a row with three unique program offerings. Arrivalist tracks and measures a sample of actual arrivals to your destination to provide insights including which origin markets visitors arrive from and to which events, hotels and attractions they visit while there. Within that data, Arrivalist can provide seasonal trends, day of arrival, visitation volume, repeat visitation, inter-destination movement, origin markets, length of stay, and now Arrivalist has demographics.

What is new this year? There are multiple improvements and new product platforms of data. Arrivalist is now offering demographics paired with cell phone location data; it means daily automobile movement data - soon to be paired with demographic data as well - hotel revenue by origin markets, a panel balanced to the population and more.

The multiple products available now are the latest generation of the best-of-class location platforms. Partners will not need to have media in market to fully avail themselves of these tools, but media attribution is an option as well. Partners will receive access to their own Arrivalist dashboard which includes "always on" insights that are updated routinely throughout the duration of the one-year program. Arrivalist will assist with collecting and summarizing data into actionable insights. With the new addition of monthly demographics, partners can understand with precision who is visiting a festival or museum or resort or block of vacation rentals. You'll now better understand who these visitors are and how to best reach and influence them with your marketing.

  • From where do your customers (and your competitors' customers) visit? By State / DMA / City / ZIP Code
  • By origin DMA, what is their household income, age, gender, ethnicity, family makeup, education - either for your destination as a whole or for every single Point of Interest within your destination
  • Which locations do they visit during their trip? Is your market their primary destination or are you leaking opportunity to other destinations?
  • How long do visitors stay? What percentage stay overnight?
  • What influences more repeated visitation over time?
  • How does visitation to Points of Interest overlap? What do these patterns look like?
  • Daily automotive data will provide origin points by percent
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Arrivalist Visitation / Location Analysis

$11,000 fee per year

How does it work?

  1. Regularly updated, always on, movement of cell devices into and around your city/county/region
  2. Calibrated data accurately modeled to reflect how the population moves
  3. Length of stay, day of arrival, volume, repeat visits into your regions and into Points of Interest
  4. Demographic analysis of your region and Points of Interest
  5. Twelve month look-back to review recent activity

Daily Automotive Movement Data

$11,000 fee per year

How does it work?

  1. It's daily; log in on Monday to see what Friday and Saturday looked like
  2. Arrivalist receives remarkably consistent ping data from noncommercial automobiles sourced by several OEM auto manufacturers
  3. View 2019's "normal," 2020, and every day in 2021
  4. Data is visible by day, week, month, with year-over-year visualizations as well as competitive areas
  5. Origins markets are available at a ZIP Code, county, DMA or state level

Arrivalist's Calibrated Overnight Origin Report (COOR)

$15,000 fee per year

How does it work?

  1. Arrivalist can use hotel survey data and overnight & origin data to plot monthly hotel revenue estimates for your destination
  2. Revenue estimates will be available by origin city, ZIP Code, DMA or state
  3. Overnight stays within your hotels provide Arrivalist the necessary information to connect the dots
  4. Data is available within a simple, intuitive, interactive dashboard
  5. At an easy glance you can see overnight arrivals, average nights stayed, room night volume, estimated hotel revenue, hotel revenue by arrival and hotel occupancy tax revenue all by month and origin market
  6. You'll understand with precision which markets are driving hotel revenue
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