2017-2018 Additional Co-Op Programs

Visit North Carolina Photo Network

Visit North Carolina launched the Photo Network in 2016, utilizing a dozen professional photographers across the state. Their talents and expertise allow Visit NC to acquire high-resolution, up-to-date photography covering a wide range of seasons, activities and scenes, including outdoor adventure, dining, family fun, downtown attractions, mountain landscapes, beaches and more.

Visit NC’s partners can now take advantage of the Photo Network and these seasoned photographers for their own photography needs through the different investment levels below.

Number of High-Resolution PhotosShoot Locations
$2,400 Per Partner102
$3,500 Per Partner153
$4,500 Per Partner204

Final photo selections are for owned digital, web and social media use only. Any print requests will be handled on an if-asked basis and would be settled between the partner and the photographer. Visit NC will have dual ownership of the final shots to use on VisitNC.com, social and digital.


Video Production

The Video Production Package is available to partners for $7,500 per video. Partners would also have access to B-roll footage for other purposes for a nominal fee.

Bill Russ and Mark Forester are teaming up again to to provide video production services to Visit North Carolina’s tourism partners. Bill’s images of North Carolina have been viewed by millions of readers in domestic and international publications. While head of video for Journal Communications, Mark produced dozens of travel videos for VisitNC.com, filming in more than 100 locations around the state. The two are bringing together their talents, experience and unmatched familiarity with the industry to produce short-form travel videos for tourism destinations and attractions.

Partners will receive a 3-5-minute promotional video which can be used for all marketing purposes, including posting to websites, showing in visitor centers, and for presentations at meetings and conferences. Upon request, Bill and Mark can also produce 60- and 30-second videos from the same footage at no additional cost. One completed video will also be posted on the partner’s listing on VisitNC.com at no charge (a $300 value)


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