2016-2017 VisitNC.com Programs

Display Advertising

All display advertising contracts must include a minimum $1,000 spend and a three-month campaign duration.

In alignment with the content structure of VisitNC.com, the display advertising program has been designed to increase partner share-of-voice, promote ad relevancy and enhance the overall user experience.

Key Benefits to Partners

  • Effective Pricing: Buy media based on a CPM model to allow for greater flexibility in selecting inventory and running across VisitNC.com
  • Targeted Reach: Deliver messaging to prospective travelers based on various targeting options – ranging from broad, more cost-efficient exposure to targeted, premium exposure
  • Custom Flighting: Choose campaign timing based on business goals and needs (e.g., promotional period, seasonality)
  • Creative Flexibility: Ability to submit placement-specific creative and update assets throughout the campaign, as neededd
  • Maximum Performance: Optimize media based on placement and creative performance throughout the campaign
  • Account Service: Receive diligent management throughout the entire campaign life cycle, from initial planning and buying to scheduled monthly reporting

Display Inventory & Pricing

Placement Type
Included Ad SizesCPM Rate
Run of Site300x250 Mobile, 728x90 Desktop, 728x90 Tablet$50 CPM
Run of Channel300x250 Mobile, 728x90 Desktop, 728x90 Tablet$55 CPM
Run of Sub-Channel300x250 Mobile, 728x90 Desktop, 728x90 Tablet$60 CPM
Channel Front300x250 Mobile, 728x90 Desktop, 728x90 Tablet$65 CPM
Sub-Channel Front300x250 Mobile, 728x90 Desktop, 728x90 Tablet$65 CPM
Targeted Page300x250 Mobile, 728x90 Desktop, 728x90 Tablet$65 CPM


Ad units and positioning have also been optimized across devices in order to increase overall partner visibility and performance. For each paid placement, a partner will be represented across all platforms – 728x90 on desktop, 728x90 on tablet and 300x250 on mobile. To fulfill all positioning and placements, partners will provide assets for both 728x90 and 300x250 ad sizes.

Partners will receive:

  • One (1) video upload
  • One (1) downloadable brochure
  • Access to post up to nine (9) images
  • Top search result rankings on VisitNC.com
  • Ability to update materials quarterly
DistributionList SizeInvestment
Travel InsiderMonthly70,000$1,000
Travel DealsMonthly60,000$500
NC Beer MonthMonthly (March and April only)12,000$300


  • VisitNC.com online display ads driving traffic to the internal promotional page
  • Inclusion in all five distributions of the VisitNC monthly eNewsletters, plus one eNewsletter dedicated solely to your sweepstakes
  • One-month targeted lead generation campaign driving a minimum of 3,300 sweepstakes entries in addition to incremental partner leads

Partners participating in a spotlight will receive the following:

  • Social Trip Idea Content
  • Social Quality Pictures
  • 6-10 Posts (one-day)
  • 12-18 Posts (two-day)
  • One (1) Promoted Post valued at $250 (for extended reach)
  • Simply Measured Recap Report
  • Tourism Social Media 101 Report of Best Practices

Minimum 45-60 day lead time confirmation preferred for travel planning purposes.


The website co-op program is available in three levels for CVBs and DMOs:

Level 1

This package gives you a limited website that is mobile/responsive/print-friendly. Customization is limited to your logo, three (3) brand colors and a choice of three (3) themes. Page Set includes:

  • Homepage
  • Events Page
  • Three (3) Listing Specific Pages (Attractions, Dining, Lodging)
  • About the Area/Getting Here (Map) Page
  • Contact Us Form and Thank You Page
  • Email Sign Up Form and Thank You Page
  • Privacy/Terms of Use Page
  • Search Page, with filtered results
  • Plus three (3) additional Pages (examples: additional Listing Page, Story, Offers, Media, File Download, etc.)

Level 2

This package gives you a more customizable website that is mobile/responsive/print-friendly. Choose up to five (5) custom theme templates in addition to your logo and brand colors. Page Set includes:

  • Pages defined in Level 1
  • Itineraries Page
  • Press Room Page
  • Packages and Specials Page
  • Travel Guide Page and Form, and Thank You Page
  • See Something Wrong Form and Thank You Page
  • Plus 10 additional Pages (examples: additional Listing Page, Story, File Download, etc.)

Level 3

This package gives you the most customizable website that is mobile/responsive/print-friendly. We will create custom templates using your brand elements. Page Set includes:

  • Pages defined in Level 2
  • Sweepstakes Overview + Entry Form + Thank You Page
  • Three (3) Enhanced Listing Pages
  • Password Protected Page + Form
  • Plus 30 additional Pages (examples: additional Listing Page, Story, File Download, etc.)

Pricing is dependent on level and payment option. Please contact the team at Luquire George Andrews for more details. A la carte options also are available upon request.

Video Production

The Video Production Package is available to partners for $6,000 per video. Partners would also have access to B-roll footage for other purposes for a nominal fee.

Bill Russ, long-time photographer for the North Carolina Division of Tourism, is teaming up with videographer Mark Forester to provide video production services to VisitNC’s tourism partners. Bill’s images of North Carolina have been viewed by millions of readers in domestic and international publications. While head of video for Journal Communications, Mark produced dozens of travel videos for VisitNC.com, filming in more than 100 locations around the state. The two are bringing together their talents, experience and unmatched familiarity with the industry to produce short-form travel videos for tourism destinations and attractions.

Partners will receive a 3-5 minute promotional video to be posted on VisitNC.com, which can also be used by the partner for all marketing purposes, including posting to websites, showing in visitor centers, and for presentations at meetings and conferences.

Outdoor Billboard Co-Op

Visit North Carolina is pleased to partner with the North Carolina Outdoor Advertising Association (NCOAA) again to extend our Visit North Carolina PSA rate for purchasing billboard space on to our partners across the state. Utilizing the Visit North Carolina rate, partners will be able to purchase outdoor vinyl billboard space starting at 30-40% off the standard rates. There are no minimum quantities to purchase.

Interested partners will work with the NCOAA to determine availability based on the target markets and timing for your campaigns. Vinyl billboards will be guaranteed to run for a minimum of 30 days and will continue to run until another paying client requests the space.

Vinyl production will be incurred by the participating partner, which is estimated to be $1,000 per board.

Visit North Carolina is also pleased to extend our PSA rate of $1,000 per four-week flight (per board) to partners to purchase digital billboard space in major metro areas.

Note: All outdoor buys are subject to space availability. Partners currently involved in an outdoor media buy will not be able to participate utilizing the PSA rates referenced above.

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